Have you ever thought about the power of your voice?

Or what healing could come from activating your voice?

This Womb Wellness 101 workshop is all about discovering the power of sound.




In this workshop, co facilitated by Clare Kenty and Vocal Sound Healer Deborah Brodey, we will explore the power of sound through your own voice as a resonator to connect with your sacred womb and your power.

Within the sound of your own voice you carry the frequencies and key codes to activate the truth of who you are.

Come and play with sound practices for healing, activating and honouring our wombs in a sacred circle of sisterhood and on a full moon no less!




In this workshop we will:

  • Discover our voices and tap into our power
  • Connect with one another in a sacred, safe and judgement free space
  • Explore sound practices that will support us in our own healing
  • Create a ceremonial sonic womb space to connect with the primordial Womb of Mother Gaia
  • Connect to our wombs through the sound and power of our voices
  • Experience a vocal sound journey to the womb of the Universe while receiving Reiki
  • Shift and/or unblock energies in the body with Reiki
  • Celebrate the powerful goddesses we are


Benefits of vocal sound healing include:

  • Increase energy & experience greater health and vitality
  • Breakthrough energies and transmute old patterns & belief systems
  • Cultivate more joy, magic & playfulness in your life
  • Develop your intuition and learn to trust yourself
  • Find your voice & tap into your power from within

Continue reading about the benefits of vocal sound healing by clicking here.




This Power of Sound workshop is for you if you’re:

  • Seeking to gather in circle and develop sisterhood
  • Ready to access more of your power within
  • Finding yourself in need of increased energy and vitality
  • Ready to journey further into your womb healing journey
  • Open to playing with sound
  • Ready to open up and express yourself in a sacred, safe and loving space
  • Open to learning sound healing practices that will support you in your healing
  • Ready to celebrate the powerful goddesses we are!



When: November 4th, 2017. 10am-1pm.
**Please arrive a few minutes early to get settled in circle so that we are able to start promptly.**

Where: SheCoSystem. 703 Bloor Street West. See map.

Investment: $40

What to bring: Your gorgeous self,  water to keep you hydrated, something to write with and something to write on.

Eventbrite - Womb Wellness 101: The Power of Sound



Excited? Journey with Deborah in this Sonic Sound Activation at Lake Titicaca, Peru!




Any questions? Check out the FAQ page, if your question is not answered there drop me an email and I’ll be happy to answer any questions your have.



Sound with Deborah Brodey

Deborah Brodey

About Deborah Brodey

Deborah Brodey is a vocal sound healer, yoga teacher, recording artist and singer. She has studied and practiced sacred sound and healing for over 15 years. She released her first sound Healing Cd: Portals of Sound produced by Ian De Souza in 2014.

Deborah is a member of Hathorah, a sound healing collective based in Toronto and is a sound healer with Music Can Heal.

Deborah is passionate about sharing the healing power of vocal sound work with others through her Radical Self Nourishment Programs and her Find Your Voice work. www.deborahbrodey.com







Clare Kenty

About Clare Kenty

An Integrative Health Coach, Educator and Reiki Master, Clare Kenty has been working with people from all walks of life for over 10 years. Applying a holistic approach and mindful coaching, Clare focuses on all components of life and works with clients to create health, joy and balance in their lives.

Clare’s own journey lead her down the path of womb healing and womb wellness. It was through her own journey that she saw a need in the community and in turn created the Womb Wellness 101 series. To read more about Clare and the work she does click here.



Want to connect with the Womb Wellness 101 community before we come together on November 4th? Join us in the WW101 Facebook Group. It’s a supportive, safe and loving space where we share ourselves and our womb wellness journeys.



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