Womb Wellness 101

Burden of Bearing – Danielle Boodoo-Fortuné

What are the Womb Wellness 101 Workshops?

In working with clients and having conversations with women in the community it seemed that something was missing. What happened to our connection to ourselves? Where did our connection to one another go? What happened to the deep relationship with our wombspace?

We haven’t always been this disconnected.

And so, in an effort to bridge the gap between us, one another and our wombspace I created Womb Wellness 101. A series of workshops that educate and empower women not only to reconnect with their bodies but learn how to heal themselves naturally. We do so together, in circle, connected to ourselves, our wombspace and our sisterhood.

We look at simple ways to make changes in our lives that benefit our health and wellness and increase our connectivity.

From foods that promote womb wellness and ease PMS symptoms, loving up our bodies to celebration and sound healing, Womb Wellness 101 will encourage you to take a proactive role in your health and your life.

Womb wellness is something that we often think about only in regards to our fertility and babies. Womb wellness is so much more than that. Energetically, the womb is the centre of our power, our creation, it’s the space that we create from. The womb is our feminine core.

Each Womb Wellness 101 workshop will focus on a theme. During the workshop we share, hold space for one another, support one another and learn tools and techniques that we can take from the workshop and use in our day to day lives.


When is the next WW101 Workshop?


Womb Sounding: Illuminating Our Truth


June 24th, 2018 | 3-6pm | 240 Roncesvalles Avenue | $40

For more information and tickets to this incredibly empowering event click here.




Have you joined the Womb Wellness 101 community?

Womb Wellness

Join us on Facebook in a private group where we share our experiences, connect with one another and check out the latest resources out there in the world of womb healing and resurrecting the Divine Feminine.




Upcoming Womb Wellness 101 Workshops

Womb Wellness 101

Date TBA

Movement is so very important in our lives. There are many reasons to move our amazing bodies, one of which being that it increases connection to self and can deepen our relationships to our wombs. Come and dance with us, move with us and deepen your relationship with your body and your womb…



Womb Wellness 101

Celebration Of The Divine Feminine
Date TBA

This celebration is in the process of unfolding. We will gather, we will celebrate and we will deepen connection to self and the Divine. This workshop is not one to be missed…




Join us in the Womb Wellness 101 Facebook Group, it’s an online community where we connect, empower and share daily. It’s a closed group (part of making it a safe place to be ourselves) so ask to join and I’ll let you in!



Past Womb Wellness 101 events

Womb Wellness 101Body Love
September 16th, 2017

What does your relationship with your body look like? How do you feel in your body? How are we conditioned to seek healing/… outside of ourselves rather than look within? Discuss all this and so much more in our Body Love WW101 workshop.




Womb Wellness 101Sex & Intimacy
January 21st, 2017

This Womb Wellness 101 is bound to heat us up from the cold winter outside! Gather and explore ways that we can increase wellness in our wombs through SEX! There will be lots to talk about in this workshop, that’s for sure! We’ll cover different sexual healing practices, energy work and using our voice to ask for what we want! This workshop is going to be fun, fun, fun!



Womb Wellness 101PMS
November 20th, 2016

The first of the Womb Wellness 101 series explores simple and effective ways to decrease and even eradicate PMS symptoms. This workshop will be fun filled, informative and packed with tons of resources that you can use in your life.




Together, we will heal, empower one another and have a lot of fun doing so too!




Womb WellnessFor the Womb Wellness Program click here. The Womb Wellness Program is an in depth, 6 month program that focuses on working with the deep energies of the wombspace to create healing and release energetic trauma stored in the womb. The Womb Wellness Program combines Reiki and health coaching to provide maximum support throughout the program while allowing the client to detox their bodies and their life to move forward lighter and free of emotional baggage. Read more… 








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