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clare kenty

I am a Reiki Master Teacher.

Through the system of Reiki, I offer tangible ways to heal, grow and evolve. I support both clients and students in cultivating their relationship with energy, reconnecting to their magic and remembering their purpose.

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January is my time to hibernate

time to be still & listen

Beloved community,

January is my month for stillness. In the first month of the year I spend most of my time resting and listening to the energies of the year. I ask the energies how I can best serve them in my work and this is where my offerings for the year come from. Things may seem quiet on my end as I am not offering classes or mentoring this month but know that there is much happening under the surface and when the time is right, there will be updated classes and new offerings that are in alignment with the energy of 2021. 

I wish you a month of deep rest, integration and recalibration. I already feel that 2021 will take us beyond what our mind can imagine. Take your time this month, look inwards and ask your heart what it is you need.

I send you love and hope that your New Year is one of ease and balance. I feel that we're going to need it ;) 

Much love and many New Year blessings, 

C. xoxo

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