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Clare Kenty, Holistic Practitioner

I am an Intuitive Catalyst.

My purpose is to bring about change and growth through healing. I combine coaching and Reiki to hold space for clients as they do their work. Together we work towards clearing and releasing what no longer serves so they are able to expand and welcome more of what’s in alignment with their highest good.

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Clare Kenty


Between the heat, the longer nights and all the excuses to linger on a patio until last call, summer can make it easy to put wellness on the back burner entirely. The solution? Don’t force it. (Who wants to go to the gym when you get sweaty walking to the store?) Choose self-care rituals that actually feel good to do around this time of year and it’ll be so much easier to stay on track. These simple, energizing, no-stress rituals from the pros will give you permission...

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