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Simple and practical steps to help you to do your work.

clare kenty

I am a Reiki Master Teacher.

Through the system of Reiki, I offer tangible ways to heal, grow and evolve. I support both clients and students in cultivating their relationship with energy, reconnecting to their magic and remembering their purpose.

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reiki for the times


Reiki For The Times Level One

Level One is an invitation to explore energy and develop a relationship with it. As we learn and practice the Level One Reiki teachings we do so with the intention of working with Reiki to support ourselves as we move through these incredible and evolutionary times.

We cover the foundations of Reiki, the history and origins, the Reiki Precepts, Principles, Hands on Healing techniques, Meditations, Symbol and Mantra, all within a safe, co-created, judgement free space. We work with the teachings and discuss how we can use Reiki in these times, for our highest good and the highest good of all.

This class is the last course offered for the year and begins on November 19th.

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