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Simple and practical steps to help you to do your work.

Clare Kenty, Holistic Practitioner

I am an Intuitive Catalyst.

My purpose is to bring about change and growth through healing. I combine coaching and Reiki to hold space for clients as they do their work. Together we work towards clearing and releasing what no longer serves so they are able to expand and welcome more of what’s in alignment with their highest good.

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In this course we will spend 4 weeks in class together and gather once a week to learn, explore, practice and discuss the Reiki Master Training material. 

It is my intention for this Reiki Training Course to guide heart centred Reiki Practitioners as they transition from Practitioner to Reiki Master & Teacher. Answering the call to become Reiki Master requires not only the mastering of one's Reiki practice but also to step into one's own greatness. 

PREREQUISITE: Practitioners must have Reiki Levels 1 & 2 with at least 1 year of experience at Level 2. 

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